8 July 2013
TORONTO - Blok Design is moving in the fast lane. The Toronto-based studio has developed the branding, identity, art direction, graphics and all communications for the VUHL 05, an all-new super car conceived in Mexico and being introduced to the world this week at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in the U.K.
The VUHL company (Vehicles of Ultra High-performance and Lightweight) was founded by brothers Iker and Guillermo Echeverria. Their passion for automobiles spawned from their father, Guillermo Echeverria senior, a race car driver and enthusiast for over 30 years. The brothers also run a small industrial design studio based in Mexico City.
4 July 2013
TORONTO - So how do you like them apples? North Vancouver’s BrandFX has helped an Ontario fruit farm introduce a new competitor to snack aisles across the Greater Toronto Area.

Martin’s Family Fruit Farm of Waterloo, Ontario introduced Martin’s Apple Chips with BrandFX leading the identity design, product introduction and launch.


2 July 2013
Who is buying print these days?

For many corporations the role of print in their marketing mix is taking a back seat to online, social and mobile initiatives. As a result, the roles and responsibility of print buying is changing, according to Margie Dana, founder of U.S.-based Print Buyers International.
To investigate the changing role and responsibility of print buyers in North America, Dana is conducting a quantitative survey of people who identify themselves as purchasers of print. The collected responses will be aggregated and studied in order to build a Profile of the New Print Buyer.
19 June 2013
Graphic designers take on the role of not only simplifying communications, but increasingly they have an ever-greater responsibility to visualize the significant issues facing our society and finding new and powerful ways to incite change.

The international Social Good Design Awards (So Good Awards), presented by the Association of Registered Graphic Designers (RGD), gives voice to the important work designers around the world are doing, and can do, to change the way we think and act.
The deadline for entries to this year's awards program is 5 p.m. EST. on Monday, July 8.  
19 June 2013
VANCOUVER - Embracing its urban clientele and leaving the mountains behind, Vancouver-based Mountain Equipment Co-op has unveiled its first wholly-redesigned logo since being founded in 1971.
The outdoor retail cooperative's new branding shifts away from using its entire name and embraces the acronym MEC, as it's referred to by its followers.
Removing the mountain graphic from the redesigned logo is intended to reflect the company's broader geographical reach across the country and its wider range of both wilderness and urban activities—more yoga, less mountain climbing.
Mountain Equipment Co-op's first logo redesign since 1971
Mountain Equipment Co-op's first logo redesign since 1971. Font is Trade Gothic and brand colour is Pantone 361.
18 June 2013
MONTREAL - Giving new character to an established coffee cream, Montreal-based lg2boutique was selected by Natrel to re-imagine the identity of its Natrel Café products.
The new branding pays ode to the chalkboard displays at specialty coffee shops, with the new slim packaging featuring the product name in script on a black background. 
14 June 2013
 TORONTO - On Thursday, using the North by Northeast (NXNE) music and arts festival as a background, a coalition of music industry leaders together with supporters from local government, business and tourism launched a new branding initiative designed to build the profile and draw more attention to the music scene in Toronto.
Called 4479 (the geographical longitude and lattitude confluence closest to the city) the idea is to place Toronto on the map of global music destinations. 
The campaign's origins stemmed from the launch of a Music Canada study comparing Toronto to Austin, Texas at last year's NXNE.
13 June 2013
TORONTO - I’m not here to inspire you,” explained Jason Theodor, creative director with Publicis Modem in Toronto and a deep thinker on the topic of creativity.

“I want to transform the way you think about creativity and empower you.”

Theodor was speaking to a crowded room of creatives on Thursday morning at the North by Northeast Interactive (NXNEi) conference in Toronto.

He has put a lot of thought and research into the topic of creativity and is working on a book on the subject. He even has a website dedicated to his thoughts and theories. 

Jason Theodor, presenting at NXNEi in Toronto
Jason Theodor, presenting at NXNEi in Toronto
12 June 2013
TORONTO - "Everyone get up and hug your neighbour," instructed Dave Benton, addressing a room filled with designers and developers at the North by Northeast interactive (NXNEi) conference in Toronto.

"That's how every client meeting should start," said Benton, the animated creative director at metajive, a San Diego-based interactive agency.

11 June 2013
OTTAWA - The Canadian Football League (CFL) will be returning to Ottawa in 2014, and last Saturday the new ownership team in the Nation's Capital unveiled that its club will be called the REDBLACKS, (or Rouge et Noir en français). The reaction has been mixed.
The new logo is a classic R on a background that represents a saw blade.

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